Gaurav Gaglani’s experience in working, managing and administrating technology projects spans up to more than a decade. Certified as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Microsoft), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (Horizon) and Professional Certification Laptop Chip Level (Chiptroniks,) he has sound knowledge in solving complicated technical problems, and at the same time enjoys working in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment.

In 10 years tenure, Gaurav has gained extensive in-depth knowledge of systems and support. He has reorganized 600+ systems and ensured that they work efficiently. As a technical expert and a perfect team player, Gaurav has trained new staff members, actively contributed on team projects, added value and increased company revenue.

When it comes to technical support process, Gaurav is an all-rounder. He provides enterprise level assistance to the customers, i.e. remote customer support via email, portal or phone. Patient and understanding, he not only talks to his clients through a series of actions while solving a technical issue but also, educate them about the same.

He diagnosis and troubleshoots both software and hardware problems like a pro, and helps the customers install applications and programs. A thorough professional, Gaurav ensures that all the issues are correctly logged, he prioritizes and solves problems accordingly, post troubleshooting he follows up with the client to make sure that their IT systems are working smoothly.

Just like a seasoned professional, Gaurav is adept with AS400, POS and Windows application support, a multi-channel helpdesk system and multiple vendor coordination. His in-depth knowledge, excellent problem solving and communication skills have helped companies in surpassing challenges pertaining to installation, deployment, management and customer satisfaction.

Having worked with industries catering to different domains right from mediclaim to consumer goods, Gaurav thoroughly understands the nuances of ERP execution, network support, and multiple vendor coordination. His previous work experience incorporates – system and windows server 2003 installation, implementation and deployment, database connectivity with MS Access.

As a part of the rapidly growing industry, Gaurav is known for providing comprehensive reports and recommendation, remote branch support, multi-channel help desk system and maintain system inventory.