Aditi Shedge


Aditi Shedge is known for her command in the HR domain. Her positive attitude and creative ideas has proven beneficial for the Organizational development. Aditi’s expertise lies in personnel management, recruitment, outsourcing, policy formulation and implementation, Handling of Human Resource Information System, payroll system, and vendor management in line with company’s corporate vision and mission.

Aditi started her professional journey after her Masters in Personnel Management - HR Specialization. With three years in Recruitment and Outsourcing and five plus years as an HR Generalist, Aditi knows how to lead and drive change. She is a firm believer in the saying “People Matter” and “getting Right person at right time”.

As an HR, Aditi knows how to build a team that drives both business and people at an organizational level. She has always played a vital role in team management. She enjoys planning and developing systems, and is interested in the personal development of all the employees in the organization.

Her mixture of pragmatic and innovative approach has helped organizations in developing new methods for HR gamut.

Aditi’s youth-centric methods in HR Field has made transformational interventions and have proven valuable. She is undoubtedly a master in managing people functions to yield business results, developing employee and industrial relations.

Always at the forefront, Aditi has created more simple agile structures that lead to very clear roles for the people. During the Onboarding Process itself, people know what is expected out of them by the management, and what should be their long-term goal.

Exceptionally well organized and methodical in her approach, Aditi has been instrumental in problem-solving. Excellent communication skills have helped her deal with employees successfully on every level. Apart from routine HR functions, she understands the legalities of business law concerning HR and employee employment rights, and how to apply them in day-to-day work, company policy documentation and staff welfare.

She has handled difficult and complicated situations and emerged as a true leader.